The Three Wheeler-4

Made from Westcoaster 3 wheel hauler

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More Brake Work

getting ready to weld on the Front Brake Holder (the disc brake I got with the Kwasaki front Wheel)

Welded on and Disc Brake mounted

The original Master cylinder on the Westcoasters was a Girling made in England.cost about $100 .The one above is a exact replacement made by Wilwood here in the US. cost about $45.Used the 3/4" bore cylinder.

The master cylinder mounted in the original postion. Had to add a plate and do some fabricating as the original mounting had been altered to use a Ford masrter cylinder that was to big and the bore to big to work well with the 3/4" rear wheel cylinders.

New Master cylinder viewing from top thru the removable service plate.

Have hooked the rebuilt rear wheel cylinders up to the new foot operated Master Cylinder. Could add a pressure regulator and hook it to the front disc brake ,but am thinking I will put a motorcycle hand operated master cylinder on the handle bars to make it an idependent system. The old Westcoaster has a very good mechanical Emergency brake on the Rear wheels operated by a hand lever to the right of the seat. This will give it three indepedant braking systems, which it may need as the old thing is heavy.

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