The Three Wheeler -3

Made from a Mid 60's Westcoaster

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After the Hub & Brake Shoe Holder was Removed

The hubs after Sanding and Painting.Lucked out on these,they didn't need to be turned.Put new Lug Nuts and double washers to make the new wheels exactly sit on the raised center portion of the hub ,, as the center holes in the New wheels were not as big as the old Westcoaster wheels.

Rebuilt wheel cylinders and new brake shoes.Found out after a little research the old Westcoaster used a Girling Brake System,,,the same used in some older Golf Carts. Got new shoes and Brake Cylinder Kits from a Golf Cart Parts Supplier..

The Engine is a CCK ONAN (12.9 HP.) Cast Iron, holds 4 QTs. of oil (5 if you change the Filter. Overhaul parts are still Avail. for these thru RV Generator parts suppliers.Have not totally overhauled it yet .Just reworked the Top Side ,Carb. Overhaul and new gaskets under intake and Exhaust Manifolds..Runs very good,just has a little Valve noise.

This is the Flexible Coupling between the Transmission and the Rear End. Have not been able to find a new one..Looks like a 1/2" thick piece of Tire.. Anyone know where to get a new One??

I made one of three thinnner pieces of corded rubber, works fine but would like to find one like original at Left.....

Put a temporary wood seat and temporary gas tank, and Jacob (my Grandson) and I took it for a couple of spins on our country Rd. Rides very Good , Very Quite with the old Donaldson Muffler. Jacob and I are thinking we will take the old steering gear and Steering wheel off and put Motorcycle Handle Bars, and move the throttle to the Handle bars. Have a Disc brake for the front wheel and my UPS man says he'll give me a Harley master cylinder and hand lever if I put Handle Bars on it.Tom Sweazea (my wife's cousin) is contribiting the original Windshield from his Honda GoldWing,as he has upgraded to a bigger one.
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