A Cheap Rain Water Catchment System

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Frame was made from 2 4x6"x8' pressure treated timbers bought at Lowes Legs 2 Ft long,Top Barrel holders 4 ft long. Barrel rests cut out with long blade on a Jig Saw.Legs attached with "Gorilla Glue" Flat Metal Brackets and Galvinized Decking Screws

Barrels bought from a local dealer who buys them from a food processor, they had been used for Vanilla Flavoring ,washed out eaislly with water hose

Some thin padded pieces of Carpet to make the stand eaiser on the plastic barrels

Barrels onto Stand

2" PVC Fitting for Crossover and Vent Pipe

The 2" Male threaded fittings screw into the Barrels perfectly

2"Glue it together after the fittings are screwed in (Use Teflon Tape on the screw in Fittings). You can use Just a 2" 90 Elbow where I put the Tee (Used it because I already had it left over from another job.. This Crossover pipe puts water in the second barrel as soon as the first one fills,, it also serves as a Air vent and a Overflow..

These Barrels have one of the openings with a 3/4" threaded hole. used 3/4" male threaded fittings and 3/4" PVC pipe for the Crossover Drain pipe and Hose Faucet . With the Stand Raising the Barrels off the Ground it's Gravity feed to your water hose,No pump Needed. Above,where the Vent overflow is,, I taped some Nylon Screen to keep Mesquitoes out.

2"For the Gutter Downspout just Mark the proper size,Drill a hole in the marked area, then use Jigsaw to cut out the opening.Put it in and Silacone sealant around the Downspout End.

Finished!! Ready for Rain.NOTE!! be sure to insulate your Plastic Pipe for Cold Weather. You can Hook together as many Barrels as you want if you need more Water Storage.

©Jan 2009 Benny Smith-Smiths