How to Up the Gas Mileage on A full Size 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Pickup

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Vent that Tailgate for highway travel,,This can up your mileage 1 or 2 miles per gallon,,you can remove it or let it all the way down,but all the down increases the danger of someone wacking it from behind.

I used the original tailgate cables and a Lug bolt (that round portion is the part thats inside the hub) with two nuts and drilled a hole in the side rail,,the gate will still shut without pinching the cables or you can disconnect eaisly and put the cables back in the original factory place for hauling long loads.

I removed the Air Filter box on the Right fender well and also the the flex hose going to it,,then added a High Volume 4" washable Air Filter Directly to the Large housing that comes off of the Throttle Body..I had to build up with Rubber Tape the Neck of the Housing to just the right Diameter for the Filter..No more buying those Expensive Flat Throwaway Filters..The High Volume Filter Helps on Gas Mileage Too.

I added A 1" Throttle Body spacer (the shinny part behind the Aluminium Throttle Body..It took me about 1/2 day to do this ,,everthing came with it to move up the large Housing 1" and to reposition the throttle cable ..Not hard to do at all..This ups the Power and Fuel Economy by swirling and Vaporizing the Gas air mixture better,,It started the First turn of the Key. It helped the Gas Milage as well as the Power.The Truck has a 4.7 with 5 speed automatic,,it now stays in the 5th gear on Hills better because of the added power

Another shot of filter mounting and the Throttle Body Block.Total cost to do all this was about $160.00..I purchased the parts from JC Whitney

I use 89 Octane Fuel and if I resist running off and leaving everyone (Keep my Foot out of it )and Travel 60 to 65 MPH I get about 22+ Miles to the Gallon on this Full size Quad Cab Ram 1500
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